Thursday, August 1, 2013

the beginning of Free to be Me!

In a hard but equally amazing series of events, I find myself in this moment, unexpectedly. Maybe that is what always happens, especially when you have a pre-conceived notion of what you think is going to happen but then it doesn’t. The only thing that stayed true to the original intent was I followed my heart. And now, I find myself here.
And the work has started to flow and flow and flow. It has become a daily habit and a good one at that. During adverse times in my past, I would turn to the party and other distractions to avoid the harshness of present moment. But this time is different. I now take adversity as a sign that things need to change and that I need to change. I know that I will look back at this moment and remember that it was the beginning of a brand new phase. It was a time that all my experiences came together to create this new and exciting time.
These are pieces I have created during this time of transition. They have replaced the need to party and to avoid the emotions surrounding what has happened. All the emotions are represented in the black ink. The colors represent love and optimism of what is to come. I look at these pieces as a convergence of all my passions, thoughts, frustrations and love of life into one image.
This is the beginning of the next stage I will name…..’Free to be Me.’ xo